Capture a Career in Pest Management

Capture a Career in Pest Management

While the types and species of pests could differ, pest management generally always is a need wherever you go. As such, being certified for pest control could go a long way. Here’s what you need to know about a career in pest management:


In Australia, you will need to take up pest control training conducted strictly by registered training organisations, along with courses approved by the executive director of public health.

You first will need to have a training permit before you can have a full license, so you can consider the training as a prerequisite to your pest management license.

If you have a training permit and are also taking the training courses for your work, you can already perform some fumigation and pest management work. You can apply for a pest management training permit via eConnect NSW.

Keep in mind that you will need to meet the training requirements for every type of license for which you are applying.

While you can be exempted for overlapping training units, you will still need to complete the additional requirements before you can obtain your license.


You can be a certified pest control expert by earning the Australian Pest Control Association Certificate. Throughout the 2-week full-time course, you will learn about various urban pests and their differing species, among many other pest management-related subjects.

You will also be exposed to the Australian standards of pest control and inspection reporting, which is highly relevant for you if you are planning to work within Australia after you complete the course.

Once you have obtained the NSW EPA Pest Control License, you are qualified for the EPA Pest Control License under the state government. Check for the certification requirements for any other state in which you are residing and plan to work in to ensure that you are going for the relevant certifications.


If you were caught performing pest control work without the necessary licenses, you can be fined up to $5,000.

You won’t need to have a license for pest control work strictly on your own property if you are only applying less than 15 litres of glyphosate. You will need the license for all other circumstances.


If you obtain your pest management technician certification, you can apply for a full or limited license. A full license enables you to work without direct supervision and give recommendations on pesticides, something that a limited license will not allow you to do.

You can apply for a 1-year or 3-year full license, but only a 1-year option is available for the limited license. In any case, be sure to renew it after your set duration.

Once you have a pest management technician license, you are eligible to open and operate your own pest control business. Of course, your employees will need to have their own licenses, as well.


While this might seem like a trivial issue, you do need to have an insurance policy or at least be eligible for one before you are considered to be eligible for a pest management technician or fumigator license.

As such, it is advised that you also look into related insurance policies before you delve into the profession.

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