Boost your Hireability with Business Short Courses

Boost your Hireability with Business Short Courses

Getting a job in today’s market is borderline impossible, a fact that is even more prevalent in our dear Australia.

The Australian job market has become so rigid and unwelcoming to newcomers and fresh graduates that most people barely get interviews.

So, in order to get your foot in the door and make your resume stand out, you need to give yourself an edge over the competition.

The surest way to land that dream job you’ve always wanted is to do what others aren’t doing, at least not yet.

Short business courses are arguably the best-kept secret in the business world.

They not only give participants an edge on the competition in the job market, but they provide legitimate skills and education to boot.

It’s no wonder we’re seeing a surge in the popularity of certain short courses, including those that teach:

1. Mentoring

This is arguably one of the most impressive business skills that you can have on your resume.

Human Resources personnel and recruitment officers love to employ individuals who can double as mentors, ensuring key knowledge trickles down to those that need it the most.

2. Statistics

You can’t go wrong with this skill, and an advanced understanding of statistics is sure to impress recruitment officers across Australia and beyond.

Understanding of business statistics is particularly important as it transcends beyond industries and is valued across the entire business world.

3. Emotional Intelligence

In a world where emotions have become a hot topic, the search for employees who efficiently can recognise the emotions of others has intensified.

Employers love employees who can pull through all the nonsense, discern between different feelings and properly classify them.

4. Coaching

Most organisations require employees to be leaders in their own right. Therefore, grasping the skill of coaching is bound to make applicants look good on paper.

By demonstrating the ability to manage and coach others, applicants show they’re worth far more than their entry into a company.

5. Budgeting

As adults, we are required to create financial plans for certain, defined periods of time.

Budgeting goes beyond the financial realm, a budget can be on the amount of time, energy or enthusiasm we allocate for a particular purpose or event.

6. Entrepreneurship

The world we live in is an ever-evolving one. Gone are the days when most people attended universities with the aim of getting a job upon graduation. Today, more and more Australians are embracing the idea of running their own businesses and being their own bosses.

7. Communication

In this digital day and age, the skill of communication cannot be overstated. It’s almost impossible to function today without effective communication skills. Most industries value communication experts so you can rest assured that this skill would be useful to you across a wide range of industries.

8. Negotiation

Grasping the skill of negotiation is a must in today’s ever-changing political and business climate. Negotiating will enable you to make diplomatic dialogues between you and one or more parties.

9. Leadership

Everyone wants to be a leader, and contrary to popular beliefs no one is born with the ability to lead. Leadership is an acquired skill.

Anyone can become a leader by taking a few steps in the right direction; including but not limited to taking leadership training courses.

10. Finance

How do you expect to make any significant headway in today’s business world without having a strong understanding of finance and financial procedures?

There’s no skill more attractive than finance. Grasping finance is a must have for anyone who is serious about going into the professional world.


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