Career and Lifestyle Options for Aussies over 50

While how many people who moan about the difficulty in finding a job Midway through your working years, many see the incredible opportunity of a drastic and productive career change.

For those willing to embrace the Internet and it’s technology, a whole new world of opportunity has opened up to a working class that may have found themselves depressed and out of work.

According to AOL’s  Donna Rosato and Tom Ziegler, Career options abound for those over 50. From personal trainer to careers in media, marketing and copywriting.

Such careers can be undertaken at home, online and remotely. This cuts out some of the barriers that have traditionally stood in the way of Midlife career changes. Barriers such as physical appearance and the tyranny of distance are no longer factors for this age group.

You could be living in a coastal retirement village for people over 55 or inner city condo. But there are plenty of career opportunities for men and women to over 50 in the Australian workforce.

You may be surprised to learn that the majority of successful entrepreneurs today are over 50.

There is something to be said about bringing your life skills to the table, so don’t underestimate them.

Consider the skills you have developed and acquired over the years. Do you speak more than one language? Is interpretation or translation an option for you? Are you skilled in writing? Perhaps you are skilled in artistic endeavours and could retrain in digital media.

Other career options that are quite lucrative for people over 50 include dietetic and fitness careers.

Massage and allied health field career options. If you’re an outdoor kind of person there, perhaps gardening or horticulture is an option for you.

There are also plenty of opportunities for teaching in a wide variety of subjects.

Are you talented with numbers? Perhaps you could consider a new career in bookkeeping and account for small business. These kinds of options are flexible and delayed work from home.

The other option worth serious consideration is retraining. There are so many areas where you can retrain and develop new skills that will make you money fairly quickly. Especially part-time careers which you can have online.

There are a great number of simple courses that you can undertake online you’re not a develop new skills that will get you money.

Some, like Udemy, cost money. Others, Like 360 Training are free.

You can also look at putting your talents to work on websites like Etsy, eBay and similar e-commerce platforms

Whatever career paths you decide to adopt there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, you need to know yourself and your limitations. There’s no point taking on a new career path that is beyond your level of skill and commitment. In other words, you need to love what you’re about to do.

Ok, so you’ve reached this far in life. Then there’s probably no need to rush. It’s important that you take time to think and not only way up your career options but the lifestyle you’re hoping to enjoy over the next 20 or 30 years.

The next thing you might want to do is talk to someone who is a professional career counsellor. These people will typically know the terrain you’re about to enter into, and they’ll be able to speak realistically on the options that are available to you.

Speaking to a professional career counsellor is a great way to remain grounded and realistic in your expectations.

Do you have a network of friends? Perhaps it’s time you started talking to them. A wise move is usually made in the presence of other counsellors.

So gather around yourself those you trust and love and ask a few questions about what you might experience if you adopt a new lifestyle and career.

They are also going to be more honest, we hope, about your strengths and weaknesses.

The other thing I would suggest is that you focus on your own career and your own ambition and not the competition. You want to avoid becoming bitter about the younger generation that has seemingly foisted you out of your former occupation.

As the wise man once said, chase the dream, not the competition.

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